Thursday, 8 November 2012

How To Make Body Flipbook Craft

Example of Body Flipbook Craft

Print out 3 or more copies of this body flipbook template.

Use crayons, colored pencils or markers to draw a character on each body template. You can make a boy or girl, or create interesting people such as a clown, cowboy, princess, policeman, astronaut, hula dancer, scuba diver or ballerina. You can even draw your favorite cartoon character, a scary monster, or your own imaginary creation.

Cut each body picture along the 2 horizontal dotted lines. Remember to stop cutting once you reach the vertical line margin.

Gather the pages together. You may add colored paper as a front and back cover.

Staple the pages together.

You can decorate the front cover by drawing or coloring on it. You may put your name on it or add some stickers.

Finally, you can play it with various types of people.


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